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Haiti Demands that France Pay Back $21 Billion Dollars 



Haitian Government is demanding that France pays back $21 Billion after it was forced to begin paying enormous ‘reparations’ to the French slave holders it had overthrown.

Haiti, an impoverished and all alone in a hostile world had little choice but to accede to France’s reparation demands, which were delivered to Port-au-Prince by a fleet of heavily armed warships in 1825.

Haiti dutifully paid France, reparations that had been in existence over a couple of six generations with interest.

According to reports from Forbes, Haiti, after complying with an ultimatum that amounted to extortion, Haiti therefore gained immunity from French military invasion, relief from political and economic isolation, which was a crippling debt that took 122 years to pay off.

This led Haitian citizens, mostly the poor to contribute voluntarily, in order to pay off debts owned to France, while others sung patriotic song urging all Haitpayeioians to reach into their own pockets to help their government raise the amount that was still owed to France.
While France still holds one of the world’s wealthiest nation title, Haiti with a per-capita annual income of $350, is plagued by drought, earthquakes, power grid that fails on a regular basis, food shortages and a struggling economy.
This, however called for the installation of Jovenel Moïse, as the 58TH President of Haiti.
According to the report, President Jovenel Moïse was daunted with Haiti’s chronic status as a poorest nation due to litany of afflictions such as inadequate infrastructure, endemic corruption and widespread illiteracy.

Haiti however experienced a devastating wreak, known as Hurricane Matthew, last fall, one of the misfortunes that had befallen the country.

The country, had carried out an additional but little known millstone, though these challenges would have been hard enough for any country to overcome, the effects were still remembered and are being felt.

The debt was finally settled in 1947, but decades of making regular payments have rendered the Haitian government chronically insolvent.

The Haitians, are therefore demanding that France should do the right thing to return those payments, estimated to total $21 billion.


Haiti is a Republic, formed and led by Africans who rose up against the institution of slavery.

In 1825, barely two decades after winning its independence against all odds.

Haiti’s independence have been viewed as a threat by all slaves owning countries.

It acceded to France’s reparation demands, which were delivered to Port-au-Prince by a fleet of heavily armed warships in 1825.

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