Hajia Maame: Mother of 11-Year-old killed For Rituals


The mother of killed 11-year-old Ishmael Mensah, Hajia Maame Sahadatu, has given a portrayal about how she was educated about her child’s homicide – She revealed that she was sleeping when her child’s senior sister came to break the report about her sibling’s downfall – The deprived mother addressed Citi News Our declaration.

The mother of a 11-year-old kid who was frightfully executed by two teens for customs in Kasoa in the Focal District, has described how she became acquainted with about her child’s homicide. The deprived mother revealed that the senior sister of killed 11-year-old Ishmael Mensah came to break the appalling news to her. Talking in a meeting, Sahadatu disclosed to Citi News in the midst of tears that she was stunned by her child’s destruction. Hajia Maame: Mother of a 10-year-old kid executed for supposed ceremonies talks.

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”They (Ismael and his sister) go to Islamic school on Saturdays, however he was home since his dad had gotten back from an outing. He was playing a game outside on his PC while I was sleeping,” she said. Peruse Likewise Raminatu: First photographs drop as 14-year-old young lady gets offered to 42-year-elderly person in Kumasi ”His sister came racing to me to disclose to me his sibling had been murdered. The police were educated and they went to the scene.

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My child has wrong nobody,” she added. The two suspects behind the murdering of the 11-year-old kid at Lamptey Factories in Kasoa, Focal District have been captured by the Kasoa Divisional Police Order. The young men, 16 and 17 years of age individually, are helping the police with examinations.

In the mean time, the Kasoa Divisional Police Order are yet to affirm insights concerning the occurrence and captures.

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