How To Apologize To An Elder When You Offend.

Ways You Can Apologize To An Elder When You Offend Him/Her.


An apology is one of the things that is needed in our social life as humans. It brings peace and creates a harmonious environment for us. As the saying goes ‘charity begins at home’.

Some people are naturally good when it comes to an apology. Such people feel free to say sorry whenever they offend people. Others also learn how to apologize while they are growing up. It is very positive to have the attitude of saying sorry when you offend.

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Many people across the world find it difficult to say sorry when they are wrong. Some people feel shy and others feel too big to apologize. Whatever be the case, a sorry could save a whole nation from conflict or war.

In this article, you will read about how to apologise to an elderly person when you offend him or her. The following are some points to consider.

  1. Whenever you offend an elder or do something that goes against their will, do not subtract apology. In many instances, you may offend an elder without knowing. If you are prompted, kindly apologize. Sometimes you might feel shy because people are around. It is best to stay mute and calm even when you are right. Leave incident scene immediately and come back after some hours to apologize.
  2. It is best if you seek forgiveness from an elder you offended through someone whose age matches. Doing this gives the person who is offended a sense of maturity to consider you. It shows a lot of respect and when you are forgiven, your relationship with the person you offended may become cordial.
  3. You can apologize to an elder by asking for the help of someone close to him or her. No matter how your offence is the person you wronged will be calm and ready to talk. This is usually seen among locals. This idea works perfectly.
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