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How to Attract A Lady Without Saying Much.

How to Attract A Lady Without Saying Much.



1. She should see you being social: If you are the type that is always hanging in the corner of the room with a mobile phone with your head down, that is not going to draw the attraction of a woman to you. She would think that this guy does not want to be talked to. If she sees you mingle with your friends and talking to people, this will show that you are open to being approached. The chances are that you are open to being approached. So she needs to see that there is an open door but if you don’t talk to anyone that shows that you don’t want to be engaged.

2. Making Consistent And Direct Eye Contact: That shows that she has an opportunity with you, that you are into her. When a woman knows that this guy is into her there is a sense of hello wow this guy is into me so let’s get the ball rolling. You should go there with the mindset that there are women there who are going to be attracted to you, that would make you confident.

3. Fashion and appearance: This is practical and if you are not doing it you are shooting yourself on the foot. Why do you think that you are drawn to a woman? It is because of how she looks. If you want her to be attracted to you without saying a word then you have to look neat, make sure you cut your hair, make sure you smell good. Wear clothes that fit your body. Be respectable and respect yourself, look good so that she can have something that would make her be attracted to you.

4. Proximity: If you see her in a social setting and you are hiding in the bathroom that is not going to make the connection. When she is in a social setting make sure that you are always within proximity. Be around where she is that is going to build the attraction without you saying a word.


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