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How To Manage Negative Culture Shocks.

Ways To Manage The Emotions Of Negative Culture Shock.


Culture shock is how you feel the first time you are introduced to something new. This shock is not experienced only when you are introduced to a new culture but a change in environment might cause that. Your experience with a new culture could be positive or negative. Positive culture shocks rise your interest in its involvement.

For example; You left home to settle in a different town. For over 5 years you never visited your mum because of busy schedules. One day you came back from work and met her at your house. How does that feel? It is unexpected but it rises an emotion. Which is joy.

Negative culture shocks may stimulate an unexpected emotion. Many people undergo these shocks because perhaps they never anticipated it. For example; You bought a new cell phone worth thousands of dollars. The next day you crushed it. How does it feel? Painful right?

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This article will guide you on issues related to social and environmental shocks that come unexpectedly.

When you come across a new way of doing things when you travel, it is sometimes normal. But if it happens to you in an environment you are used to, it occasionally becomes difficult to deal with. The usual culture shocks are the behaviours of people that are strange to you. Naturally, your senses will respond to such unaware behaviours. Also, a prompt change of environment is associated with that.

When you find yourself in such situations the following can help you manage them.

  1. Calm down and take a deep breath. It is advisable to sit somewhere and relax for a while. This may calm your nerves. Taking a glass of water also relieves you. If you are driving, kindly park somewhere and come out of the car for some time. Feel the environment and enjoy some fresh air. After some minutes you can continue your journey. Do not take alcohol or any drug from the stress culture shock comes with. It is good to stay away from drugs for a while if you are a regular user.
  2. Do not utter a statement in these periods. Just keep mute and act normal. It might be difficult but try not to say anything. Your words might hurt listeners around you. Controlling your mood by keeping mute, could give a positive image about you.
  3. Never show gestures that will make you or someone near you uncomfortable. Actions, they say speaks louder than words. These negative shocks might be disheartening but minding your movement would help you calm.
  4. Try to cope or adjust to situations. Put yourself in the environment. Get a sense of belonging by freeing your mind of all understanding and relearning. In such situations adjusting to circumstances may give you a platform to exhibit your optimism.
  5. Pretending could help in the short term. Which will give you time to come back to yourself. It prepares you for short term relief. The time spent ignoring an emotion during culture shock gives you a calm mind to manage your feelings later.
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These steps should guide you when you experience culture shock.


Written by Albert O. Adormson

I am an actor, tourist, Pan-Africanist and writer. My journey of content creation began in Junior High School. I began writing officially after Senior High School. Writing is still my love.


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