Human Resource is the key to Ghana’s development not only Natural resources – Kofi Akpaloo


One of Ghana’s new political parties, the Liberal Party of Ghana has held its national conference on Tuesday 21st July 2020 in Accra.

The event was attended by reps from other political parties who confirmed their support towards his course, as well as the Electoral Commission that acclaimed the party’s national executives.

The flag-bearer for the Liberal Party of Ghana Kofi Akpaloo and his running mate Madam Margaret O’Brain Sarfo was outdoored to the general public.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Akpaloo stated that he will make university education free if he should win the elections come December 7th.

“while on the other hand, countries like Hong Kong, Israel and a lot to mention with very limited resources have been able to make economic and scientific leads, this is my vision for Ghana, we will make university education free.” He said.

Speaking on his plans on making Ghana’s economy of the best in the world, Mr. Akpaloo said will create of the world’s largest Chocolate processing companies in Ghana if he should be elected as president in December.

“My government will finance the world’s largest chocolate manufacturing company. It is my promise that after two years of my government, we will not export a single raw bean of cocoa out of this country. It’s my promise to create 200,00 jobs in the cocoa industry,” he added.

He also noted that Ghana is not able to develop because past leaders have failed in investing in human resource and was rather focusing on natural resources.

“in the world today, when properly harnessed and utilized, human resource is the most important resource than all other natural resources. We have failed as a country because we have refused to invest in our people” he said.

Kofi Akpaloo is a chartered certified accountant by profession and his campaign tagline is “A better tomorrow, a new plan for jobs and wealth creation.”

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