I lost so many things from beefing Reggie Rockstone and Chicago-EX DOE


Hip-life musician, EX DOE who was part of a group called the “Traditional rulers” has revealed in an interview with Akorfa on 3fm’s Showbuzz that he lost a lot from beefing.

In 1996, EX DOE collaborated with his colleague, Chicago and did their hit song “Daavi Mede Kuku” which became a popular Ewe hiplife song in Ghana and made the two become close friends.

According to EX DOE, Chicago betrayed him by revealing some secrets to his producer which made them part ways and started “beefing”

EX DOE explained that, beefing spoils business and only gives one attention for a short period of time because and does not encourage people to work with you or call you to perform at events.

Speaking on more on why he regrets beefing, the musician disclosed that, the first time he “beefed “, he enjoyed it so much because he gained all the attention he needed but along the line fans of the people he beefed with felt he was a ‘bad boy’ which brought in divisions among the fans.

However, EX DOE has disclosed that he apologized to Reggie Rockstone and Chicago and are now very cool because they understand how it is since they are all mature now.

EX DOE is currently promoting his new single tittled “Fa tu Dustbin Mu” which seeks to create awareness on proper sanitation.
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