I started smoking when I was 14- Rick Ross


American based rapper and songwriter, William Leonard Roberts II is popularly known as Rick Ross disclosed in this week’s L.A. Weekly podcast with L.A. Weekly’s own pot critic Jimi Devine that he started smoking when he was 13 while growing up in Miami.

According to the rapper, while in Miami, they had the best weed one could ever find coming from different parts of the Islands.

“I started smoking when I was 13 growing up in Miami, we had the best weed you could ever find, coming from all different parts of the Islands”

He added that as time changed they had the first indoor strands and they could change the ‘game’. “ As times changed, we had the first indoor strands, we called it haze… crip …. it changed the game”, he said.

Speaking on one of his best weeds Ross revealed that Pink Rozay is one of his best weeds he has ever smoked. It’s not surprising as Pink Rozay is one of his own in collaboration with Cookies as they are known for their magnificent flower which fits right with their catalogue of heavy hitters as it’s strong.

“That was the best weed I’ve ever smoked. Ever since I smoked that I’ve been chasing that taste,” he said.

Ross continued to speak on how disheartening he feels for the killings of black people and says it’s time to punish all of those killers.

Speaking to Jimi Devine, he said, “That shit tore my heart apart…It’s time to fucking punish these people.”

According to Rick Ross’ rules of life, he said,

“Rule number one: “Keep your mama’s lights on.”

Rule number two: “Make sure your weed is the best. As long as your weeds the best, everything else will fall in line.”

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