“Increase our monthly allowance” – NSS personnel appeal to government


A group, calling itself Concerned National Service Personnel, has appealed to the government to upwardly adjust the allowance received by National Service personnel.

Currently, NSS personnel receive a monthly stipend of GHC 599.00

But the group says that the amount is woefully inadequate.

Speaking to UniversNews monitored by, leader of the group, Barimah Amoako Elijah, said that the amount was not enough to cater for their basic needs.

“The amount given us is too small to the extent that it can’t even help us afford our basic needs and one thing is that when you’re done with school, your parent has some kind of perception that we have been paid by government so it makes it difficult for us to request for money. It boils down to affect our service to the country, so financially we need help,” he said

 He also appealed to the government to consider establishing a loan scheme for personnel so that their livelihood would not be affected much when the disbursement of their monthly allowance delays.

“If there could be a grant when there is a delay in payment of allowances and someone needs help, National service personnel can go for loans and payback later” he added.



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