International human rights observer issues a press release on counselor Lutterodt


The HRO( International Human Rights Observer), in a press release, has said that it is backing the Ministry of Gender in their action to bring the said counsellor Lutterodt to order.

“The International Human Rights Observer( HRO) of the United Nations has received many reports on one George Lutterodt known by Ghanaians as Counselor Lutterodt for various forms verbal assaults on women, including insults and any forms of intimidations, creating a misconception on women.”

“On the 10th of July 2020, the attention of the International Human Rights Observer was drawn to another unfortunate utterance on rape made by the same man in question. From the excerpts of the broadcast on Adom TV, a local media network, the said man claimed rape victims enjoy the act of being raped.”

According to the statement, the UN HRO is backing the Ministry of Gender in its calls to bring him to order and said that he is prevented to appear on both International and local media houses as they urged Lutterodt to retract and apologize to the public for his recent ‘insensitive’ statement on rape victims.

Below is the press statement which was signed by Dr.Steven Blessing Ackah, the President of African Court on Human and People’s Rights.

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