July 27 – October 5 look set to be Premier League summer transfer window


English Premier League (EPL) clubs are expected to approve proposals to open the summer transfer window on 27th July 2020 and close on 5th October 2020.

All 20 Premier League clubs had until 5PM on Monday to cast their vote on a plan to open the window the day after the season ends and to close it 10 weeks later.

Clubs are also expected to agree to a two-week extension to the 10-week window when Premier League and English Football League (EFL) clubs can continue to buy, sell or loan players from each other.

Top-flight clubs will not be able to carry out any transfers with each other – or any foreign clubs – during this two-week extension which will end on 18th October 2020.
The compromise solution allows EFL clubs a fortnight to carry out sales, purchases and in particular loans with Premier League clubs.

It also allows Premier League clubs to carry out the vast majority of their business before UEFA’s 6th October 2020 deadline for Champions League and Europa League registrations.
A number of European leagues have already confirmed their summer window will close on October 5, with Premier League clubs keen to follow suit.

Last Thursday 9th July 2020, Premier League shareholders meeting agreed to delay the decision until an agreement was reached over the EFL extension.

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