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Katy Perry Says She & Taylor Swift Fight Like Cousins — But Are They Actually RELATED?

We knew Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were close after they ended their feud, but we didn’t know they were THIS close!

During Perry’s appearance on the UK radio show Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, the hosts presented her with bombshell fandom theory: that she and former rival Swift are actually ninth cousins.

Katy’s initial reaction?
“Well, we fight like cousins.”

The pregnant popstar initially dismissed the theory as “fan fiction,” but host Roman Kemp explained that some intrepid fan had actually laid out all their investigative work on the site If you visit the site, you can actually see the family tree and how it connects the two icons together!

The 35-year-old was shocked to hear there was some research to back up the incredible claim. She said:
“Wow, I’m gonna have to ask her if this is true, or if we should, like, get blood tests together … It’s cool because you can just, like, spit in a tube.”

By Fuseina Issaka

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