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Knowing What You Can Use Sodom Apple Leaves (Calotropis Procera) For Will Shock You.


Sodom Apple (Calotropis Procera) is much known as “wagashi ahaban” in Ghana. It is an incredible plant many people might not pay attention to. Sodom Apple is an incredible plant which talented with the force of prediction.

Spiritual Uses Sodom Apple Leaves: At whatever point you are profoundly stuck in a dynamic. You should go to the maker to give you comprehension and answer for your concern.
From precisely 10:00 pm going, go to where this plant is with corn dough. Present your concerns to the plant and as you doing this, sprinkle the corn dough close to the plant.

After you are done, pluck three of its leaves and take them home. Organize the leaves in inverse sides model, the first leaf in front, the second leaf should be back, the third leaf should be front on top of one another like that and put it under your cushion and think about it.
You will get all answers for the problem(s) you expressed to the plant or see what the future holds.

Physical Uses Of Sodom Apple Leaves: For physical Uses, uproot and bite the foundations of sodom apple with salt (30) minutes before you will have sex with your accomplice. It’s a good aphrodisiac. This process is a natural way of boosting your sexual pleasure.

Calotropis Procera is the leaf the Fulani’s use for preparing wagashi that is the reason it’s classified “wagashi ahaban”. Which means ‘wagashi leaves’.

Disclaimer: For physical uses of these leaves, seek the advice of a professional herbalist.

Written by Albert O. Adormson

I am an actor, tourist, Pan-Africanist and writer. My journey of content creation began in Junior High School. I began writing officially after Senior High School. Writing is still my love.


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