Kontihene dares Kwabena Kwabena to go for a drug test


Ghanaian musician, Kontihene has threatened Kwabena Kwabena to go for a drug test.

This comes after Kwabena Kwabena threatened to sue him claiming Kontihene has been tarnishing his image for long.

In an interview with Zionflex, Kontihene dared Kwabena Kwabena to bring his lawyers so they go for a drug test.

Over the last 10 years and more, the two have been having some misunderstandings which are still unsettled, due to that Kontihene has revealed a shocking story about Kwabena Kwabena after he threatened to sue him.

According to Kontihene, he is not interested in tarnishing the image of the singer (Kwabena Kwabena) other than that he would have done so a long time when he impregnated his cousin which caused a divorce between he and his wife.

If I want to disgrace Kwabena Kwabena, 6 years ago, he impregnated his cousin who was a babysitter in his house, she delivered at Light House hospital, all these we’ve kept mute over it and you want to come and tell lies about me?”

Ask his ex wife why they got divorced and she will tell you”, he added.


Over 10 years and the feud between Kwabena Kwabena and Kontihene has renewed with the latter making shocking revelations.

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