Let’s Crave for Our Own- Oti Akenteng On GFA Technical Directorship Role



Former Technical Director for the Ghana Football Association, Coach Francis Oti Akenteng believes Ghana Football has men who are capable and eligible to take up the Technical Director position.

This was in response to Ghanaians calling on him to still consider taking back the job as the technical director.

Coach Oti Akenteng explained that, there are great men who are up to the task locally.

 “I am not the only person having the ideas in Ghana Football, I have heard a lot of names rumored around but we have people in the country that we can always rely on locally, let us accept our own people when it comes to such jobs” He said

The long-serving technical Director added that “if someone who is non-Ghanaian is better than our local ones, then what are we doing to help ours to match them because we have the men to do the job” He stated.

Coach Oti Akenteng further noted that, he had heard Coach Didi Dramini name popping up for the Technical Director role but if he accepts that role he will limit his talent, ideologies and techniques.

“I have heard Coach Didi Dramini’s name popping up in the local scene but if he goes into the Technical Director role you have limited him but we have others who can do that job in the country”

Oti Akenteng led the Ghana Football Association technical director role for the last ten years but opted not to renew his allegiance with the FA in March,2020.

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