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Mallam New Station Turns Ghost Town


Commercial drivers who operate at the Mallam Old station have refused to move to the new station made for them. Thereby turning it into a ghost town.


Mallam, a town located in the Greater Accra Region mainly dominated by traders, mostly Hausa, Ga and Twi-speaking people, has been undergoing some slow but steady developments under different governments in the country.
In 2010 when the NDC government started with the construction of high ways, the people of Mallam embraced the news.
Before the construction, government moved the trotro and taxi drivers to a new station which is spacious and has toilet facilities unlike the old station.
The Government however, moved them so as to make the area less congested and to avoid accidents.
One would be surprised to know that till date the drivers are still at the old station leaving the new station bare, while some churches have started using the place as a place for their all night programs. When the old station is still congested and more prone to accidents.
Speaking to a taxi driver at Mallam, one Mr Adom, he said the road at the new station is a one-way route which can cause serious road accidents adding that since the new station was not by the road side most passengers would rather pick their car by the road side rather than walking all the way to the new station which is quite far from the old one.
He also said he was impressed with the facilities of the new station and its environment as a whole but his only problem had to do with the road been a one way route.
Godwin, who is also a taxi driver said, the Ga West A.M.A tried sacking them to the new station even though they know of the fact that it’s a one way route.
He said also that when they use the one way road at night, the police stops them and asks if they don’t know it’s a one way road.
He concluded that even when passengers who are coming from the Kaneshie road and Kasoa road get to the Mallam junction, they would not walk to Kokroko where the new station is located to pick a car since the distance is quite far.
Speaking to some drivers, they urged the government to provide them a two way road on towards the new station since that place is better than their current station

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