Mensah Thompson Writes Open letter to Volta Secessionists In wake of routes blockade


Executive Director of ASEPA, Mr. Mensah Thompson has penned down an open letter to the Volta Seperatist goup dubbed “Volta separatists blockade; something is definitely not adding up”.

In the said open letter, by the Eecutive Director, sighted by Talks Africa Media it reads: Folks we woke up to the news of some separatist group in the Volta region, blocking roads and causing mayhem.

Obviously this is NOT the first time we are seeing or hearing of these secessionist groups in Volta Region, however what is surprising is the shear bravado and the brazen contempt with which they have resurfaced barely two months to our major elections.

Folks it is almost impossible to dissociate the complicity of the ruling NPP Government from what is happening in Volta today unless someone proves all of us wrong.

First of all, how on earth did the security apparatus not picked this intel on what was about to happen today?

Recently we all saw the massive military deployments that was sent to the Volta Region during the Voters Registration exercise, when we complained the Government told us, they were working on intelligence and that we don’t know the threat that exists along our borders.

How on earth were our security forces able to pick intelligence on external threats during the voters registration exercise , for which reason they deployed heavy security to some border towns but failed to pick this internal intel that these separatist groups were up to some mischief in their own territory?

Folks, last year the leadership of the separatist groups were arrested and arraigned before Court, what has become of their case?

How efficient did the State deal with situation from that time on that today they have resurfaced all of a sudden causing mayhem?

This is an indictment on competencies of the Commander in Chief the President, this is enough testament that President Akufo Addo cannot protect the territorial integrity of this Country.

This calls for an emergency Parliamentary sitting to invoke a Vote of No Confidence Procedures against the President, the Commander in Chief.

Again we expect parliament to set up a bi-partisan investigative Committee to work with the security agencies to investigate this current situation.

Even though there is enough basis for us to believe that President Akufo Addo is complicit in this Volta impasse, we shall entreat the public to wait for the outcome of such investigations.

But folks, who is funding these guys?

How come principally the security agencies have not been able to clamp down on their sources of resources and weapons?

Who is supplying them with weapons?

How is the weapon able to move through our Country to these guys without the security agencies detecting?

Folks something is NOT adding up, so many questions remain un-answered and until we get the answers we shall continue to blame the Commander in Chief for this impasse!

Talks Africa Media | Muftaw Iddrisu



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