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Minority Leader Hakuna Iddrisu Says The 2021 Budget Lacks Transparency


Hakuna Iddrisu a minority Leader,says that the budget of 2021 made by the government lacks Transparency

Tending to top the conversation on the spending clarification on Friday, the Tamale South MP censured government for fail to convey official records of the veritable state of the economy.

He in like manner guaranteed that organization spent about GH₵19 billion but the House embraced GH₵10 billion for local assistance from the Bank of Ghana (BoG).

Be that as it may, government should come clear, on are real circumstance. Government should clear on the sum we have obtained unlawfully from the Bank of Ghana since we circulated unmistakably for ₵10 billion.

“In any case the gave over records to me shows that bank of Ghana gave more than what was composed,” he communicated.

“What amount was in Ghana government ledger? 10b or 19b perhaps 20b? We demand answers from an organization that shows to trust in duty and straightforwardness.”

The authority by then forewarned that BoG’s Governor will be made to go up against the aftereffects of his exercises.

Commenting on the public power’s decision to freeze pay for public zone workers, the top of the NDC Caucus said it is against the Labor Act.

“In this monetary arrangement, the experts of Ghana don’t have even the remotest clue about their fate, you have not chosen the most reduced compensation allowed by law which will impact the private territory. Neither have we chosen public region wage, as it is anticipated from you as indicated by the Labor Act of Ghana.

Written by Edet Esah


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