The rampant publicity on most television stations.


Money as a basic necessity which has the potency of making  one meet his or her daily graving, and endeavor into profound undertakings meant to escalate their wealth which will describe their astute worth in the society.

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We find ourselves in a society where respect is born out of your monetary strength, to the extend that, we have redefined the stakes of money as the answer to all things. No one, not even the nincompoop will subject deliberately to abject impoverishment, every human wish to have intense or manageable financial independence.

And it is undoubtedly the quest that emanate dangerous outcome which death can be one of its irreversible aftermaths. Money is simply good, but it is advised even in the great books to be earn the very right way.

The quest for wealth has vanquished the sense of contentment in humanity and has absolutely turn us into dangerous wires that are carelessly arranged on an electrical pole to emit power, the emission of power which was meant to exude comfort may be fire which will completely propel dangerous destructions.

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These desire of seeking for more has made others also use that opportunity to intentionally extort many from said vulnerable ones who are consumed with immeasurable greed. Where is our world going, if human are turning into lovers of pleasure which has encapsulated their thinking patterns and made their cognition fragile to mere deceptive offers which are shallowly bewildered in awe instead of developing the quest of solving problems which is one if the surest way of earning genuine wealth in abundance.

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We have seen great men who have walked on the surface of the earth, they were reckoned by their in depth knowledge in solving the world most revolting challenges and wealth followed them. In our presence time, we have seen great inventors who are mightily utilizing the cohorts of their reasoning ability to solve humanity’s never ending dares and wealth is following them, the lives of mark Zuckerberg, Larry page, Jeff Bezos and the likes, depict how  gross the human mind can be.

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It is quiet unfortunate that people are rather interested in making an ultimate exploit which is possibly very untimely. With view of this, many are the fraudsters disguised as genuine people who claim to have the ability to double up money for people.

Let’s look at this common scenario, in a genuine incident where dubious investors earn way too much than the income deposited, there is something called Ponzi scheme, this is where individuals are paid with the initial deposit of the early majority, the cycle goes till it sublimes gradually and dies. According to Investopedia, A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investing scam which generates returns for earlier investors with money taken from later investors.

This is similar to a pyramid scheme, in that both are based on using new investors’ funds to pay the earlier backers.  Looking at the nature of Ponzi scheme, though a scam and illegitimate it has some sort of authenticity since people do enjoy for some time till the actual facilitators decides to  end the game when they realize their aim is attained.

How much more a simple and normal ingrates who sits in their comfort zones, and predict over 100% increment of a very low deposit. They come up with fabulous identities which are supposedly names of international institutes, which cannot easily be reached when researched on.

They hire people to proclaim win to simply buy your attention and makes you fall for their manipulative words. This Ectypal Ponzi-scheme-like ways of handling the minds of people who are poised to gain more than they have worked for, end up gaining the attention of most people especially the least educated ones.

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I feel so agitated when i see the adverts of this money fraudsters on the various television stations in the name of publicity. The only question I ask is; do we have any organization in Ghana that guides or supervise the kind of contents to be telecasted on the various set or there is free range of conduct?

“The National Media Commission (NMC) was established in 1993 through the National Media Commission Act – in pursuit of the provisions of Chapter 12 of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution – in order ‘to promote and ensure the freedom and independence of the media for mass communication and information’.

The NMC deals primarily with media content. It encourages responsible practice of the media and investigates, mediates and settles complaints made against or by the press or other mass media”.

As clearly stated above, it encourages responsible practices, on what basis can such contents be dim responsible. When people has instigated dubious ways and awkward means to deliberately extort money from people.

How long can we keep quiet on this? Surprisingly enough, these TV stations issues a discretion to inform the public of their station not being responsible for such publicity and if incase there are any unpleasant occurrence, they can’t be held responsible.

How then did the content land on their TV station, I believe in the course of advertisement, people just don’t advertise anything, they go through diverse procedure to receive accreditation before the media houses can accept to broadcast their product.

Banks and financial agencies who want to advertise their financial packages must at least receive consent from the required institution. This are rational deductions that must be given critical thought.

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If publicity packages are not scrutinized properly before getting to the general public, then very soon poisonous substances can be publicly broadcasted.

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Now traditional religious practices which was earlier on kept from the light are now openly practiced, patronizing this same mischievous conducts and giving people the impression that truly they can make money without working for it.

The occult societies have now dominated most channels preaching what use to be diabolic. Let’s not always attribute these practices to time bound manifestation where we surely know something can be done about it

Must we fold our hands and watch this people dupe others. We can actually do something about this societal anomaly. I humbly call on other media houses to help channel this goal to the appropriate quarters for effective redress.

There may be obscurities but it never too late for prompt relegation. I write with clear optimism that indeed the media superintendents for digital satellites such Multi TV have basic regularities that is supposed to monitor the contents these various media houses shows.

It is a great deal to make sure it is appropriately applied and sanctions are meted out to defaulters. Many incidents are popping up concerning youth who are doing inhuman things to gain money, which they might have been motivated by such adulterated contents.

Lets be poised to telecast content that will be of benefit to the public and not something that will make them feel insecure if they are not able to make ends meet, hence finding ways to quickly meet their goals, which will not solve problem but they will end up adding up to the nation’s dilemma.


Written by Afumaa Erica

I am the vocal point that anticipate the gravity of change. Afumaa Erica is the name. A student of university of Ghana, Accra- Ghana. currently a level 300 BSC nursing student.
A zealous aspirant to confer diversity in the thinking pattern of men to exhibit the role of a pacesetter.
My greatest interest is in the field of health, to keep the public updated on information that will make them healthy.
In as much much as I desire to penetrate the minds of men, and reinstitute their health status and not necessarily sticking to baseless assumptions that will frenetically escalate their frivolities of their wellbeing, I also desire to ensure change in all spheres of life through words. words are powerful, but the right word is a miracle.


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