“My arrest was an attempt by the police to intimidate unarmed protestors” – Ernesto Yeboah


In showing support to the brothers and sisters in the diaspora currently fighting for their right to live, a vigil was organized in Ghana by the Economic Fighter’s League in honour of George Floyd the unarmed black man who was killed in the US by the Minneapolis police officials.

The vigil was peaceful until police and soldiers barge the premises where the vigil was taking place near black stars square to halt it.

According to the police due permission was not granted for such vigil to take place because there is a ban on social gathering amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The police halted the vigil but following a disagreement and misunderstanding between the organizers and the police, leading to the arrest of the Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah.

Speaking to JoyNews, Ernesto Yeboah said his arrest by the police was an attempt to intimidate unarmed protestors.

“My arrest was purported to intimidate the unarmed members who attended the vigil, the police were notified before we went ahead with the vigil, it was to be a solemn vigil until the police and military interrupted to destroy everything.” he said

After his arrest, the peaceful vigil led to a protest when the attenders of the vigil marched to the police station where their leader was being detained.

Ernesto was however granted bail and charged for not notifying the police before undertaking the vigil and breaching Executive Instrument (EI) 64 under the Imposition of Restrictions Act.

By Michael Abbey | Political Correspondent | @maldo2k4



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