NDC Stalwart Writes Open letter to Sammy Gyamfi on his Kokrokoo Boycott


NDC Stalwart Writes Open letter to Sammy Gyamfi On his Kokorokoo Show boycott.

Talks Africa Media has sighted a Facebook post by National Democratic Congress (NDC) stalwart, Mr. Avumokolo Metufeo which contains a written controversial open letter to the party’s, National Communication Officer, Sammy Gyamfi on his boycott of Kokrokoo Show at Peace FM.

Avumokolo Metufeo open letter to Sammy Gyamfi reads…..

To start with, I would like to congratulate you for successfully collapsing the Kwami Sefa Kayi and Abdul Malik Kweku Baako led media cabal. Indeed you have (time without number) raised concerns about KSK’s prejudices and abuse on kokorokoo but he and his ilk had always branded as baseless your legitimate concerns. Because their defence always holds sway, they continued to perpetrate their crimes against you and never anticipated a day like this. Today, you’ve been vindicated.

Sammy, with the benefit of hindsight, boycotting Kokorokoo was a coup de maître. This singular act (which for me is one of the best decisions you’ve taken in recent times) has not only rendered Kokorokoo redundant and obsolete, but has also revealed that the so called ‘Senior Journalist’ tag dangling around the necks of Ogyam and KSK is a scam. It’s an empty appellation carefully couched to massage their fragile partisan egos.

I’ve always held the view that Kokorokoo is a useless political program that serves as a Special Purpose Vehicle for churning out lies to cover the dark spots of Akufo Addo and NPP. That program is carefully designed to miseducate – to constantly project Akufo Addo as what he’s not. Potent forces like Radio Gold, Montie FM, Radio XYZ etc. were tactically eliminated so their lies could remain undefused in the minds of unsuspecting listeners. As we speak, the Peace FM brand has been damaged.

It’s shameless characters like Ogyam and KSK who have destroyed Kokorokoo and damaged the credibility of the station. How can Kweku Baako, a man who (we’re told) is so credible, deliberately put out misleading information that ‘the NDC is begging to return to Kokorokoo?’ I’ve never seen a realist who’s so addicted to lying like Ogyam. He thinks knowledge is the same as wisdom. An old man who makes a living out of untruth and half-truth – so disgusting!

Kwami Sefa Kayi has constantly acted in ways to embarrass NDC communicators. He takes delight in intimidating you to break your spirit because NPP communicators cannot match your mental potency. He thinks he’s God anytime he’s sitting on that show. He treats Peace FM studio like his family property and feels he’s so big that he can do whatever he wants and nobody can control him. Look at him now! If he’s so Powerful, why didn’t he stop Despite Group from apologizing to the NDC?

Sammy, the apology must be rejected. How can Peace FM be rendering an apology to the NDC when the problems that triggered NDC’s boycott have not been addressed? Has the editorial policy of Kokorokoo been reviewed to allow for fair representation and treatment? Has KSK apologized for constantly intimidating and treating you unfairly? Has Ogyam apologized for lying that NDC begged to be accepted back on Kokorokoo?

It must be put on record that the NDC does not have problem with the Despite Media Empire. In fact, the NDC does not have qualms with Peace FM. NDC’s only problem is Kokorokoo and the attitude of KSK. We’re tired of being treated with disdain. The groundswell of anger that greeted the apology was lucid. Any attempt to return to that bogus program will elicit massive resistance from comrades across the country. We’re fed up with being insulted and disrespect.

NPP boycotted Radio Gold in perpetuity. Even as Radio Gold is dead and buried, it remains boycotted by the NPP. They claimed Alhaji and Alhaji was biased against them, nobody harassed or intimidated NPP on Alhaji and Alhaji, yet, they boycotted the entire station. Their hatred for Radio Gold led to anger, their anger led to bitterness, that bitterness led to the eventual collapse of the station. Today, Radio Gold is no more because of NPP.

NDC members are also humans. Our extreme tolerance kept opening us up for all manner of abuse and molestation at the hand of NPP and its surrogates. It’s time to be radical and hold the bull by the horn. Enough is enough!

Going back to Kokrokoo means NPP can boycott NDC stations but NDC cannot boycott NPP programs. Sammy, have you ever heard NPP National communicators, Ministers or Members of Parliament speaking on Power FM? Have you ever heard spokespersons of the Akufo Addo govt speak on Inside Politics? They’ve boycotted the station without uttering a word – they treat pro NDC media houses with contempt. Any attempt to accept the apology will lead to serious electoral apathy on Dec 7th. We don’t need Kokorokoo to win the next election!

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