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Nigerian Man Sentence To 20 Years Imprisonment In South Africa,After Scamming A Lady In Online Dating Of N25m


The Bellville Business Crimes Court Cape Town, has condemned a Nigerian fraudster Chinonso Pascal Eze, who ran a web based dating trick in which he hoodwinked clueless ladies out of over R1 035 030 (N26m), LIB announced.

Representative for the Public Arraigning Authority (NPA) Eric Ntabazalila said in an articulation that Eze, 36, was on Thursday, April 29, condemned to 20 years detainment in the wake of being sentenced on 23 checks of extortion and nine tallies of tax evasion.

Eze went into a supplication and condemning concurrence with the State on Thursday and admitted to being important for an organization which worked an internet dating trick.

He told the court a definitive objective was to get huge amounts of cash from “clueless casualties”.

The court heard that Eze and individuals from the organization contacted casualties through dating locales. He prepared ladies, acquiring their trust, and afterward mentioned cash from them in “crises”.

Ntabazalila said the organization made phony dating profiles utilizing the names Marcos Ivan, Michael Liquor Brilliant and Craig Thompson.

The profiles depicted affluent men who were in a situation to reimburse the people in question, and this was an intentional activity to make an incorrect feeling that all is well with the world in the people in question.

In the main occurrence, Eze professed to be Ivan and spoken with the casualty by means of a dating site and surprisingly sent her photographs of “himself.”

Eze, acquiring the trust of his casualty, figured out how to cheat a sum of R314 950 between November 2017 and January 2018.

In the subsequent episode, Eze professed to be Shrewd, where he utilized the equivalent usual methodology and figured out how to cheat an aggregate of R186 080 that was kept into accounts held by four individuals.

The third casualty went through the most cash. Utilizing the equivalent usual way of doing things, Eze figured out how to persuade his casualty to store R534 000 into financial balances held by different individuals. Altogether, Eze cheated his casualties out of R1 035 030.

Proof under the steady gaze of the court uncovered that the cash was moved and removed from ledgers held by Yolanda Mange, R. Mapheelle, Hako XB, LC Sihepo, Worldwide Transportation, LF Coe, O. Dli.

Written by Edet Esah


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