Nursing And Birthing Assistance Board Closes Web Based Authorizing Assessment Project


The Nursing and Birthing assistance Board (NM&C) on Thursday held a nearby out gathering for its web based permitting assessment (Specialty/GHA/261) project following four years of fruitful execution.

The Specialty GHANA 261 Venture, what began in 2016 with subsidizing from the Government office of the Realm of the Netherlands, improved the authoritative limit of the Nursing and Maternity care Chamber to direct proficient, compelling and tenable permitting assessments for nurture collaborators, medical caretakers and birthing assistants.

In 2018, the Committee began its first web based authorizing assessment for the Enrolled Emotional wellness Attendants (RMN) up-and-comers and has since advanced to moving up the internet permitting assessment for all the nursing and maternity care programs in Ghana.

Mr Kwaku Agyemang-Manu, the Pastor of Wellbeing, at the gathering in Accra, said the undertaking had situated Ghana as the first in Africa to lead internet permitting assessment for medical attendants and maternity specialists.

“Step by step, Ghana’s rigid nursing and birthing assistance administrative framework keeps on procuring worldwide commendation since more nations keep on sending representatives to understudy the tasks of the Nursing and Maternity care Board of Ghana,” he said.

The Wellbeing Pastor said E-learning in nursing and maternity care training was an unfortunate chore, as opposed as far as possible in itself, thus using e-learning could bring about more prominent instructive freedoms for understudies while at the same time improving personnel adequacy and productivity.

He said the capability of e-learning, notwithstanding, expected a specific degree of institutional preparation in human and infrastructural assets, which guaranteed the arrangement of new apparatuses to the instructive and monetary setting.

Mr Agyemang-Manu said the Public authority would ceaselessly overhaul its clinical, nursing and birthing assistance educational programs and train youthful specialists, medical attendants, birthing specialists and other medical services experts in a top notch design.

He praised every one of the individuals who had endeavored to make the venture a triumph, particularly the Netherlands Government, Nuffic, the Undertaking Group from CINOP, KNUST, Times-End “C” and N&MC and encouraged them to give more grounded initiative and maintainability plan for the continuation of the task.

Mr Felix Nyante, the Recorder of the NM&C, said before the presentation of the undertaking, the Board led paper assessments, where assessment papers were moved in colossal packs to and from the assessment habitats.

He said the presentation of the online assessments had decreased the expense of leading the test and the days for the arrival of the outcomes from 70 working days to 20.

Mr Nyante said the internet authorizing assessment was not by any means the only unmistakable result of the Specialty GHANA 261 Undertaking, and that all through the task, 48 Staff of the Board had likewise profited by limit working in advanced education.

Written by Edet Esah


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