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Online drivers call on government to regulate its operations amidst the new transport fares


Online Drivers are calling on the government to set up a regulatory body that will ensure the smooth operations of online drivers amidst the new increment in transport fares.

According to the online drivers, the new directives to increase transports fare isn’t having any impact on them since they don’t control the charges made on every trip they make.

Speaking to the PRO of the online driver’s union association, Wise Diedzorm Torgbo stated that, the operators don’t “really” care about the welfare of the drivers.

“all fare charges are made by the operators of the online driving such as the uber, yango, bolt offices but the driver does not have the command over how much he will charge the passenger, the system rather reduce prices all in the name of competition which is affecting the driver, we have written several petitions to the DVLA and ministry of transport to regulate the online driving system but all have proved futile”, he added.

“if the government should have regulated the online driving system we wouldn’t have gotten here, all we are asking for is the government to regulate it so we have a fair share of the national cake, the high fuel prices and transport fares is really killing our business, they operators are treating us like slaves” he further noted.

However, the vice-chairman of GPRTU Robert Sarbah, noted that the decision to increase the fares was made after stakeholder deliberations with members of the GPRTU but they aren’t really happy about it.

“we will manage with the 15% but actually vehicles that use to take 34 passengers are now taking 8, so we went with the idea of getting a 50% but unfortunately that didn’t happen,”  he said.

“We never took fuel into consideration; it was the social distancing that led to this decision, since September that we increased the fares there have been increases and decrease, you add and subtract, so when the subtraction was made, we are rather enjoying in terms of fuel 8.37% to our advantage and in diesel, we are enjoying 7.57% to our advantage, when it reduces normally we don’t take that into consideration” he added.

Responding a question asked on the decision by some drivers to take more than 15% fares, Robert Sarbah indicated that those decisions are made by various unions which they have no command over.

“well maybe they are speaking to their membership, we are speaking to the GPRTU and other transport organization, excluding those who said they will continue with that, when you live in a society you must be regulated, you cannot take the law into your hands, so we are speaking to our members, and we know our members usually comply with our directives” he noted.

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