Resident From UGEL Halls Informed To Vacate On 22nd March,2021

The level 100 and 400 students residing in the University of Ghana Enterprise Limited (UGEL) were asked to vacate from the hall premises, so that there would be enough space for levels 200 and 300 to lodge in.Students at the hall were informed about  the deadline for vacating the premises.

The operation manager in the University of Ghana Enterprise Limited explained to student  the reason why the student needed to vacate on the 22nd March.

However, the operation manager stated clearly in the Memo giving certain conditions if the student still prefers staying in the hall after 22nd March, 2021.

The first condition was, if a student for one or two reasons has a tangible reason why he or she prefers to stay in the hall, he or she should quickly send an official letter to the senior hall tutor, explaining to him the reason why he can not vacate the hall premise. The deadline for application closes on the 18th of March, 2021.

Also, a student who is due to vacate the hall should take their belongings along as the cleaning up exercise  would begin after vacating the premises. The student is advised to comply with taking their belonging along as the hall would not be liable for any theft or loss of belongings.

Finally, Students are told to leave the hall premises immediately after they finish their examination as the deadline for leaving the hall is on the 22nd March, 2021.

   Management has limited time to prepare for the second batch. Therefore the students should act accordingly with the notice.

In conclusion, how would students react to this urgency?

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