Rivers And Streams In Dodowa Overflows After Heavy Rainfall.


Rivers and streams in Dodowa overflow after heavy rainfall.

Due to the rainfall pattern this year, areas with rivers and streams in the Shai Osu-Doku district sometimes get flooded. The heavy downpour has once again caused a flood in waterlogged areas. Rivers and streams have overflowed their banks causing excess water to flow into homes where its passage is blocked.

Last year, the rainfall pattern was a bit different from this year. The rainfall was not very heavy as this year. Also, it didn’t start earlier like this year. A recent survey shows that there might be a very dangerous flood in areas where waterways are blocked. This awareness has been made known to flood-prone areas.

Treating flood as something that happens due to human behaviour should be considered. Flood should not be booked as a natural disaster as this might make people reluctant in solving related issues. Preventing flood by prohibiting building on waterways and dumping of refuse in water should be considered.




Written by Albert O. Adormson

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