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Sachet Water Merchant Guides Traffic In Kumasi To Forestall Impacts


The consistent breaks in power supply in pieces of the Ashanti Region have hurt the activity of traffic signals in Kumasi.

Controlling vehicular development at significant street convergences is upset when traffic lights are off. Amidst confusion, a youthful sachet water seller set out to carry request to one of Kumasi’s street convergences.

In a viral video, a 24-year-old woman is seen coordinating traffic stream at the Top-High crossing point on the Tech-Adum street.

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Solace Kukua Danten, who falcons sachet water around, says the territory is inclined to mishaps whenever the traffic signals go off.

She was motivated to take on the volunteer traffic superintendent work in the disarray and over the top anger.

Solace in the crossing point hectically dealing with the traffic stream at Top High traffic signal

The drivers at first disregarded her guidelines, yet they at last did as such with the goal for her to accomplish free progression of traffic.

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Solace quit working and remained in the warmth for very nearly four hours.

Talking on Nhyira Fm’s Kuro Yi Mu Nsem Show with Nana Kwadwo Jantuah, Comfort said she understood there were no MTTD authorities so the vehicles were practically squashing.

“They were practically squashing their vehicles and I was unable to sit uninterested. That is the reason I went there to mediate,” comfort clarified.

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On the off chance that she is allowed the chance to proceed with her examinations, the JHS graduate desires to turn into a cop.

“I will go If I get the help to proceed with my schooling to turn into a cop. Regardless of whether I should trim my hair, I will do that right away”.

Written by Edet Esah


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