Shatta Michy has revealed she never broke up with Shatta Wale because of cheating


Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Michelle Diamond popularly known as Shatta Michy has disclosed that she did not break up with her ex boyfriend, Shatta Wale because of cheating.

According to Shatta Michy, although her ex boyfriend, Wale used to cheat and do other things she didn’t like, they weren’t the main reasons why she left him. Adding that her main reason for leaving Wale was because she wanted him to live. “I admire his personality and how he lives his life so I didn’t want to be in the way, so he won’t be hiding to do certain things in his own house”, she said on the Okukuseku Talk show

Speaking on how they met, Michy narrated that she and Shatta Wale started dating the moment they met and dated for 8 years where they had a child of their own,Majesty.
Michy also stated that, when she met Wale, he was then rebranding himself and believes she came into his life for a purpose and is happy they are no longer together as a couple.

Moreover, Michy disclosed that, although she and Shatta are not together for 2 years now, people still doubt it.
She added that,she believes Majesty’s pregnancy came at the right time such that it was around that time they had come out of a poor state of wealth and believes they were stable to have a baby during that time.

Shatta Michy who owns a restaurant revealed that she started it as a breakup therapy which helped her so much especially at the beginning of the breakup where Shatta Wale was saying so much about it on his social media. “
I believe men are much more humble when they have nothing than when they believe they have it all “, she stated

Michy also stated the fact that Wale sent several people to talk to her in order to resolve the situation as at then but believes the third party he sent made it worse since the situation was a matter they both had to resolve without any third party

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