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Special report: Resumption of tennis training


President Nana Akufo-Addo on 31st May 2020 issued a directive allowing non-contact sports in the country to resume their training activities.

The National Sports Authority (NSA) then released a list of sports set to return and opened their facilities to their various federations.

Since then, I went to visit the tennis court of the Accra Sports Stadium only to find out that, not a lot of training going on although the court was opened, so I got into touch with President of the Ghana Tennis Federation (GTF), Isaac Duah, who revealed the reason for the lack of training going on at the Accra Sports Stadium.

There are a lot of tennis courts in Ghana and most of the tennis courts have clubs present, so there are COVID rules that GTF has helped develop and the clubs are supposed to abide by. [Accra Sports] Stadium, that is the national tennis court is under the NSA, they also have their rules and for the children from 14 and below they still ask them except the national team players who will be trained under strict guidance from their coaches.” He said

So you will not see activities of the past were you have a lot of kids, they are home and it’s only the above 14 that is the national team players who can participate.” Duah further stated

He also revealed that the players are glad to return to training as they look forward to the return of competitive tennis.

They [The Players] have been happy, we speak to the national team players who are also abroad they’ve also started training so we are all happy that at least we can have an outdoor feeling of the game.”

Sports in Ghana have been on hold since mid-March with the approved non-contact sports activities limited to training sessions as the country continues its fight against the spread of COVID19.

President Akufo-Addo on 31st May 2020 extended the ban on contact sports including football, hockey and volley till 31st July.

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