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Spiritual Benefits Of Momordica Charantia ‘Nyenya’.


Momordica Charantia: Momordica charantia is a plant of the Cucurbitaceae family, is known as bitter melon, karela, and pare. Juice of Momordica charantia leaves is used to treat piles. Momordica charantia is used as a blood purifier due to its bitter tonic properties. It is an ancient leaf that has numerous spiritual uses. Great Kings and spiritualists use leaves for a lot of spiritual purposes.

Spiritual Benefits Of Momordica Charantia.

1. Grind the leaves of Momordica charantia and add to the baby’s pomade. Apply them on the forehead of newborn babies to prevent spiritual attacks.

2. Sprinkle the leaves around your environment to drive every single insidious soul away.

3. Put leaves under your pillow to avoid spiritual relationships with spirits.

4.  Momordica charantia leaves should be put in your pocket or carry along each day to draw favour to yourself.

5. Shower with ‘Nyenya’ leaves to drive away any antagonism in your life.

6. Mash seven(7) of the leaves and put them in olive oil, and apply them to your body to make your spirit solid.

7. Put the leaves under your bed to keep away from anybody with awful spirits who enters your room.

8. Place ‘Nyenya’ leaves at the four corners of your space to stop any exercises of violent spirits in your room.

9. Spot two leaves in your vehicle to avoid an accident.

10. Granulate the leaves with salt and apply them to your palm to make your funds exceptionally solid.

11. Place leaves in water and a bath when you return from a funeral. This will prevent bad energy from following you into your home. Wash your dress with the leaves after soaking it for some time.

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