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Students Of Yuonuoriyir JHS Study Under Tree, After The School Roofs Was Ripped Off By Storm


The Yuonuoriyir Middle School (JHS) in the Jagluu Appointive Space of the Wa West Area has had its rooftop ripped off subsequent to being hit by a tempest, convincing educating and figuring out how to be led under trees for as long as three weeks.

The circumstance is probably going to upset powerful scholarly exercises on the off chance that it was not gone to at the earliest opportunity as the downpours set in.

The Gathering Individual from the space, Mr Moses Bapile said the issue is influencing scholastic exercises as both the instructors and students are disturbed by exercises around the school.

As per him, both the delicate and printed copies of photos of the ripped-off homerooms have been sent to the Region Gathering and the MP yet no progression had been taken to fix the design.

“On the off chance that you go to Yuonuoriyir, presently the top of the Middle School Square has been taken off by downpour. I sent every one of the essential archives to the specialists to help us to re-rooftop and we are as yet standing by to perceive how far they can help,” Mr Bapile said.

“The most recent three weeks when it happened they were sitting outside, but since the essential is on siestas, they moved in and are utilizing some the essential study halls. At the point when the essential is in meeting they need to go out and sit under the trees,” he said.

Concerning the Jagluu Essential School, Mr Bapile said the local area had assembled to give a transient design to the JHS.

He said they were trusting that the Public authority, kindhearted people and Non-administrative Association would go to their guide by giving befitting homerooms to the school.

“It’s the JHS that we object to since, in such a case that you see the classes that they are utilizing, it is not kidding. The people group constructed something for them for worldly use,” Mr Bapile said.

Written by Edet Esah


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