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Tenants will pay one month to one-year rent advance soon – PRO Rent Control


The Rent Control of Ghana is currently drafting a new bill which when passed into law will help curb some irregularities in the rent payments in the country.

Speaking to the PRO for the Rent Control Department of Ghana Emmanuel Hovey Kporsu, the new bill will ensure that, tenants pay between one month to one-year rent advance instead of the current two to three years advance they are paying.

“the current bill gives provision for the tenant to pay between one month to six months but the new bill is also considering the investments that the landlord has put in their building, so the new bill is going to consider payments of advance from one month to one year so that if a landlord has gone for a loan to build the house, the recruitment period should be between one month and one year, so that if a tenant comes in and say he or she can pay for one year so that the landlord can get some quantum of money to pay off his loan,” he said.

Responding to how feasible this policy will be, Mr. Kporsu said, the bill can be actualized if individuals and landlords collectively contribute to working towards transformation and change and not just thinking about their benefits.

“if tenant A comes with huge money and tenant B comes with little because he or she can’t afford the two years and can afford only a year because tenant A has the means the landlord tend to give him or her the offer rather than tenant B, and this will not help us, so the new bill will address all these issues when passed into law” he noted.

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