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The Basic Things You Should Do To Win The Heart Of A Woman.


There are thousands of ways to make a woman fall in love with you. These are some fundamental information that can help you get the woman after your heart.

1. Figure Out Yourself and Get Things In Order:
To be truly attractive, you need to have your own life by working on yourself. Become great at your job and career and other hobbies or passions you have.
If you become so good at what you do that you rise to prominence at it, women will be drawn to you naturally. Because, of course, fame and the spotlight always brings the girls around you.

2. Be Funny:
You may think you’re not funny, but the truth is everyone can be funny if they try. You have to put yourself in enough situations to get used to the awkwardness of telling an unfunny joke enough that you have the confidence to tell more jokes around people.
The more you tell, the better you will get. Girls love laughing, and the more you can make them laugh, the higher up in the social chain you will seem.

3. Be friends:
Aim for friendship, even if the long term [or even short term] plan is to delve into some deeper stuff with them later on.
You win and score big points with women if you can just be a cool guy, easy to gist and joke with, and just be great with them.

4. Intimate details:
It is recommended that telling her secrets you’d be okay with if other people knew just in case she tells someone, but make sure they are personal, and that they would be considered a secret.

5. Your attention:
In a world where your attention can go anywhere, it is one of the most valuable things you can give a girl. If you want her, pay attention to her.
And do not just limit this to a couple of minutes. Look her in the eyes when she’s talking to you and make mental note of all the stuff she’s talking about. With this, you could win her.

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Written by Albert O. Adormson

I am an actor, tourist, Pan-Africanist and writer. My journey of content creation began in Junior High School. I began writing officially after Senior High School. Writing is still my love.


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