Learn About The Different Forms Of Pan-Africanism In The World.


Pan-Africanism is a worldwide movement that aims at strengthening the bonds among blacks. It is the advocacy of black unity among blacks in Africa and those in the diaspora.  The movement started many years ago both in Africa and in the Diaspora. Thousands of people have been involved in the movement. It started with some black activists and political leaders around the world.

Some of the earliest Pan-Africanists are Martin Delany, Alexander Crummel who were both African Americans. Dr Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and others also rose to fight for black unity. Black Africans like Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Haile Selassie, Nelson Mandela was also involved in the movement. All these people had specified areas they fought to strengthen. It ranges from Business, Religion, Politics, Health and Education. 

There are many forms of Pan-Africanism. The following will give you a clear picture of the kind of Pan-Africanist you are.

  • General Pan-Africanism: This is the most common Pan-Africanism you may come across. Individuals or groups involved in Universal Pan-Africanism seek the interest and unity of blacks in all aspects of life. Anything that promotes black is their priority.
  • Business Pan-Africanism: This area of Pan-Africanism is made up of groups and individuals who advocate for the growth of blacks business. They promote black-owned businesses around the world. Most of them have networks in many countries which ensure that purchases and sales go on within their race. They encourage blacks to buy from their fellow men to keep the bond strong. These are groups or individuals who will always opt for a black-owned shop or black products.
  • Religious Pan-Africanism: Another interesting subgroup of Pan-Africanism. This sector is made up of people who hold African culture and spirituality in high esteem. It includes traditional priests, traditional rulers, kinsmen, and enthusiasts of African culture. This group of people stand by their belief systems as blacks. They are mostly in opposition to foreign religions and doctrines. Maintaining the cultural values of black people is their highest priority. These individuals are bond with their belief system as a race.
  • Political Pan-Africanism: One of the most popular Pan-African movements in the world. Dr Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana is a typical definition of Political Pan-Africanism. These individuals seek to unite blacks through politics. They are usually heads of states and politicians. Their main aim is to unify the black race by strengthening the bond between African countries. Most of them targeted at creating a conducive environment for black wherever they are found. Advocating for Africa without borders is also on their agenda. They are mostly associated with theories that propose Africa should be without borders and the whole continent should spend one currency. They seek to advocate for black to black trade just as the business Pan-Africanists will do but on a different level.
  • Health Pan-Africanism: These are groups or individual who endorse the use of herbal products. These individuals encourage the use of black made medication that comes from plants. The local way of curing or preventing disease is what they seek. Their interest is to connect blacks to their roots through the medical field. Most of them support the consumption of locally grown foods. They frown on the importation of foods and drugs. There are a lot of conspiracies about the importation of foods to Africa which also push their agenda. The use of black made foods and drugs are their greatest goal.
  • Educational Pan-Africanism: This group of Pan-Africanists finds interest in the upbringing and education of black children. Their main aim is to transfer African based knowledge into their young ones. They usually campaign for the teaching of black history in African schools. Educational Pan-Africanists fights for black unity through self-awareness and history. Educating blacks about their origin and ancestors are their main aim as a people. They bring reforms in the educational systems to upgrade the standards of black people.

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Written by Albert O. Adormson

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