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“There was confusion all over in court yesterday” – Lawyer Amaliba


The Director of Legal Affairs Lawyer Abraham Amaliba has justified why the general secretary of the National Democratic Congress misinterpreted the Supreme Court ruling yesterday, 25th June 2020. 

Speaking on TV3’s NewDay show, the legal affairs director indicated that the supreme court failed to speak in clear terms and languages for the layman’s understanding, hence the misinterpretation of the ruling.

According to the Lawyer Amaliba, the Attorney General didn’t even understand some part of the processing in court and at a point had to see clarification in court.

“there was confusion all over, the ruling was not clarified and the proceedings were also not straightforward for the people present in court to understand, that was what resulted to the misinterpretation, the NDC only spoke on the document it was given in court and based on the ruling by the supreme” he noted.

Meanwhile, the NDC was seen to have been jubilating right after court proceedings yesterday in court, the misunderstood the ruling, with the idea that the ruling was in their favour only to realise it was against their interest.

The secretary-general of the party was also trolled on social media for misinterpreting the ruling of the supreme court.


However, the supreme court yesterday 25th June 2020, ruled that the Electoral Commission should go ahead with the compilation of the new voter register which will be used in the December polls, the registration is said to begin on Tuesday 30th June 2020.

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