Transport Fare At Legon Station Likely To Increase

The station manager of the university of Ghana, Mr.Williams Ahosu stated emphatically that, it is likely for transport fare to increase following the government proposal to introduce new taxes to petroleum product.

Since the Minister for Finance, Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu announce the 2021 budget   station  in Parliament  on Friday, March 12. He announces the new tax proposal on few, 10 pesewas  per liter for diesel and Petrol as sanitation and pollution Levy and 20 pesewas  per liter on Petrol and diesel to be used as Energy Sector Recovery Levy to cover charges for the state.

However, the Legon station Master claims there has not been any announcement yet on the increment of fuel and diesel prices, therefore for the meantime the fare is stable. But if there is an announcement of fuel prices the fares would increase.

  In conclusion, how would passengers react if the fuel and diesel price increase?

Written by Daniella Quiste


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