Transport fares must reduce now – COPEC to commercial drivers


The Office of Oil Buyers Ghana (COPEC) has approached business drivers to promptly lessen transport tolls because of the President’s choice to lift the limitation set on business vehicles in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Akufo-Addo reported on Sunday that business transports and taxicabs are to stack at full limit.

In his fourteenth Covid-19 update to the country, the President, in any case, noticed that security convention should at present be seen by travellers.

“In counsel with the Services of Transport and Flight and the administration of transport administrators, Government has taken the choice to lift the limitations in the vehicle segment, and take into account full limit in our household planes, taxis, trotros and transports.”

In an announcement, COPEC clarified that the President’s mandate implies income which was being lost by the business drivers will be reestablished henceforth the need to diminish transport passages.

“What this order implies is that each income that until the date has been losing per trip by the business transport administrators before the declaration during the period and for which workers have as of late been compelled to hack up extra 15-30% vehicle charge increments is currently reestablished for our business transport administrators and consequently the ongoing increments of between 15-30% should and ought to be turned around forthwith.”

COPEC included “We are, by this announcement approaching a portion of our significant partners in the vehicle area including the GPRTU, Concerned Drivers Affiliation, Submitted Drivers Affiliation and the Ghana Street Transport Coordinating Committee to quickly as a general rule, guarantee that transport charges are turned around by close of day tomorrow, not exclusively to past rates however a further 5% decrease perhaps on the past rates before these ongoing increments since fuel value change as now stays positive by in any event a further 12% from the pre-covid-19 lockdown period.”

Below is the full statement by COPEC


The President of the Republic in his 14th Covid-19 address to the nation on Sunday has among other things issued new directives for the commercial transport operators to forthwith pick the normal number of passengers as before the lockdown and the accompanying social distancing restrictions.

What this directive means is that every revenue that until the date has been losing per trip by the commercial transport operators before the announcement during the period and for which commuters have recently been forced to cough up additional 15-30% transport fare increases is now restored in favour of our commercial transport operators and thus the recent increases of between 15-30% must and should be reversed forthwith.

The Chamber takes cognisance of the fact that the period prior to the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions had fuel prices trading at ghc5.650/litre but due to a global fall in demand and its attendant effects on pricing, fuel prices dropped by over 30% to below Ghc3.890/litre and has in recent times gone up marginally by a cumulative average of 16% to currently average 4.80/litre at the pumps.

The above thus renders any possible argument on the part of transport operators for a stay of current transport fares at this point, citing the marginal fuel price increases as an excuse ostensibly to deny Ghanaian commuters the deserved reductions in transport fares moot since the fuel price variance before and after the lockdown period remains a distant 10%+ positive to the commercial transport operators at this point.

We are, by this statement calling on some of our major stakeholders in the transport sector including the GPRTU, Concerned Drivers Association, Committed Drivers Association and the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council to immediately without fail, ensure that transport fares are reversed by close of day tomorrow, not only to previous rates but a further 5% reduction possibly on the previous rates before these recent increases since fuel price variance as at this point remains positive by at least a further 12% from the pre-covid-19 lockdown period.


Duncan Amoah
Executive Secretary.

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