USS Bonhomme explodes and injures 17 sailors


A United States Navy ship has exploded at its anchored base in California injuring 21 people.
The explosion which occurred on Sunday had about 160 sailors on board at the time injuring crew members, 17 sailors and four civilians.

According to reports, the ship, USS Bonhomme Richard, an assault vessel, was in port in San Diego for maintenance when the explosion erupted.

The official Twitter account of Naval Surface Forces, US Pacific Fleet, said 17 sailors and four civilians were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Several firefighters reportedly also suffered burns and smoke inhalation.

CNN reported that, thick smokes were seen billowing from large sections of the ship and fireboats using water cannon was used to try to control the blaze.

“Thick smoke could be seen billowing from large sections of the ship, and fireboats using water cannon were used to control the blaze” reports say.
Head of the San Diego fire department, Colin Stowell told CNN that “the fire could go on for days and just burn down to the waterline”.
It is not clear what the cause of the explosion is.
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