We will not move out of our office – Greater Accra Regional GUTA executives


Reports coming in indicate that the executives of the Greater-Accra regional wing of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) are being kicked out from their offices by the national executives over a misunderstanding of the owner of the property by the national executives.

The current misunderstanding in the union is as a result of the latest twist in power struggle between the national and regional executives of the association. The regional executives have called the bluff of the national executives over attempts to dissolve the council over alleged breach of regulations.

In an interview on Starr FM, closely monitored by the Welfare Officer for GUTA Benjamin Yeboah noted that the office in question was not hired with the money of the regional executives.

“That office was hired for them by the Ministry of Trade, so it can’t be their property, national will take it back.”

He assured that the embattled executives will not be evicted no matter what happens but called for calmness among them.

“They won’t be evicted, that one I can assure you. The point is that we are an association that has come a very long way. We appointed these gentlemen and a lady just about three and a half years ago, so how come, How can someone appoint you in just three and a half years, you come and tell the person who has been running the show for over twenty years that you’ve taken that portion. Do you know we structured the whole thing?”

According to reports the executives have also misappropriated funds and engaged in questionable acts which unpardonable but those issues will be dealt with later.

“There are so many things that have come to light that we don’t really want to put in public.  We will go there if they push it. We have code of ethics and they’ve breached the code of ethics seriously, and if they push us we will put things down”, he said.

“because we called them to a meeting and in that meeting when they were questioned, certain things came out and they all accepted. The chairmen who we appointed for chairman for Greater-Accra accepted that they took some decisions without recourse to us”

“And I hope by tomorrow if their other colleagues put out what they’ll put out they will realize that they are in the minority and they shouldn’t go the way they are going” he added.

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