Welfare Project To Be Established For Kayayei’s-Ken Ofori Atta Announce

Welfare project established

The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, has said the welfare of female head porters popularly known as the ‘Kayayeis’ is one of the Important issues he would be tackling.

He said, a lot of females head porters don’t have enough resources to feed their self and their families.Some even migrate from their rural areas to the urban areas to make a living.

For that reason, there would be a Welfare project which could assist all “Kayayeis” to afford their standard of living. Given this, provision has to been made to cater for all female head porters as they endanger their lives with so many health risks.

This project would create various jobs and reduce the unemployment rate of people in rural areas.

This is great news for all head porters.

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Written by Daniella Quiste


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