The American Story: “You’re all descendants of someone from another country” – Frank Caprio

American Chief Justice, Frank Caprio said most American citizens are all descendants of people from another country which makes the story of America. 

The popularly known Chief Justice of the “Caught In Providence” show said this while solving a court case of Frank Don Motori a French man from West Africa, who has lived in America for 25 years.

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Frank was charged for parking his car in obstructing traffic on the Pine Street but after explaining to the judge as to why he parked his car on the Pontiac, Justice Frank Caprio charged him $25 and later reconsidered the case by giving him a break after hearing the story of Don Motori.

According to Chief Justice, this is the American story, where people come from other countries to America with the idea of becoming successful and hope of getting successful and says Don Motori’s has set a good example for a whole bunch of people.

Watch the court proceedings in the video below;

By Fusenu Issaka | Head of Entertainment/World News 

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