Busloads of people prevented from registering were not Ghanaians – Ewe resident in Banda

News gathered by talksafrica.com from an Ewe viral video going round on social media platforms revealed that, busloads of people denied access to registration centres in Banda in the Bono region few days ago by the military personnel were not Ghanaians as disclosed by Torkornu Gabriel Afeti an Ewe who hailed from Sogagope in the Volta Region but lived in the Banda Constituency throughout his entire life.

In the said viral video, the Ewe man is seen making wild revelations in respect to the fact that, the busloads of people who were being prevented from registering at Banda Constituency registration centers were not natives from Banda neither were they ewes or do they live in Banda.

He alleged that, the busloads of people were IVORIANS brought into the constituency by an opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) led Ahmed Ibrahim to register.

Torkornu Gabriel stressed that, he is an Ewe himself and has registered successfully likewise all his family members without any hurdles.

According to him, anyone who is being prevented from registering in the Constituency does not hail or stay at Banda but are bused from Ivory Coast to come and register there, adding that, those people who were brought in by the NDC do not know anywhere in the constituency.

The Ewe man further argued that, even when you ask them to mention the name of the area they are registering, it becomes a problem.
Iddrisu Muftaw | Talksafrica.com

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