Examine promises of political parties – Dr. Seidu Alidu urges Ghanaians

Political Science analyst, Dr. Seidu Alidu has charged Ghanaians to consider the policies of political parties before deciding on whom to vote for in the upcoming general elections.

Speaking to UniversNews monitored by Talksafrica.com Dr.Seidu Alidu urged Ghanaian electorates who exercise their franchise along political lines and affiliation only, to rethink their position.

“We should demand accountability from political parties and we should let them know that we won’t vote for them if they make promises that they can’t keep.”​

According to Dr. Alidu, Political deceit would continue to dominate in the country’s politics if Ghanaian electorates do not assess policies.

“People tend to say that I am a Busia-Danquah supporter, no matter what the NPP does I am going to vote for them. Regardless of the caliber of people they elect.”

This comes on the back of the call made by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), on Ghanaian politicians to be more realistic with their promises.


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