Safety Tips: How To Save Someone When He/She Is Under Electrocution.

On many occasions, deaths caused by electrocutions happen because of carelessness, ignorance and improper wiring in our homes and offices.

Anytime someone is electrocuted, please do not panic or run away.
This may cause the person to lose his or her life.

Instead, follow these few steps to save the persons life.

  1. The moment you see that a person has been electrocuted, just calm your nerves down and turn off the source of the electricity or the house’s main switch and he or she will gain consciousness in no time.

If it occurs that the victim has difficulties in breathing, a mouth to mouth resuscitation could be done.

This will bring the person back to life in no time.

  1. In case you realise that the victim looks so pale, then waste no time in using an insulator ( a non-conductor of heat and electricity). It can be a heavy wood or stick, pipe, epistle or a belt to pull or push him down.

Allow the victim to lay down for some time.

  1. Once the person has been removed from the source of electricity and you happen to be a trained paramedic or Red Cross member, begin CPR on the person by checking his breath, heartbeat and blood pressure.

In case you are not a professionally trained first aider, just call the 🚨 immediately and ensure to give them an easy and accurate route to where the incident has occurred.





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