Total Blackout In Kaduna,As Electricity Labourers Join NLC Strike

Kaduna state is suffering from power supply disappointment because of the modern activity set out upon by the power laborers on the side of the Nigerian Work Congress (NLC), the administration of Kaduna Power Circulation Organization has said.

The power laborers of Transmission company of Nigeria (TCN) under the aegis of Nigeria union of electricity employees (NUEE), left on the hit as per the guidance of NLC to begin five days cautioning strike by 12 PM of Sunday.

“The administration of Kaduna Electric lament to advise its clients in Kaduna express that the assistance interference right now being knowledgeable about the state is because of the mechanical activity left upon by NLC.

“In consistence with the NLC mandate, the Transmission Organization of Nigeria, TCN has knocked off the entirety of our 33KV lines in Kaduna state.

“We are interesting to all networks, security offices and vigilante gatherings to be cautious so men of hidden world won’t take advantage of the circumstance to vandalize power supply establishments. Any dubious development around dissemination sub-stations (transformers) or some other force supply foundation ought to be accounted for to the important security office.

“We have the aggregate obligation to ensure these basic public resources around there,” the assertion added.

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